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Potato waffles with smoked salmon

I love potatoes and I love waffles - and I have no idea why I've never made potato waffles before. It's a delicious way of using leftover potatoes. To be honest, I didn't really have any leftover potatoes, but it was still worth making them.

American Road Trip: California & Nevada

Not having driving license never stopped me from organising road trips. I have recently driven from San Francisco to New York, as a passenger. I wouldn't want to brag, but I make a great passenger: I take care of the snacks, music and fun stops on the way.

Green curry and broccoli soup

I enjoy hearty dishes in the first cold days of winter, but comes January, I start craving something lighter. This is my perfect January soup: bit spicy, warming and fully comforting, but light and green at the same time.

Coffee break

The first Monday of the year definitely calls for strong coffee.