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Roasted summer vegetables

Roasted vegetables are great as a light lunch or dinner. Try roasted asparagus with basil and sea salt pesto, baby artichokes with feta dip and round courgettes with cherry tomato sauce.

My Top 5 Places in Amsterdam

Ok, so I won't be recommending any drugs or prostitutes. But I'm nor focusing on museums either, as you can find everything in the travel guides (I've been to Van Gogh's, Rijksmuseum and NEMO and they're all worth a visit). What I would like to do is to show a few places that I really enjoyed.

Rhubarb pastries

They are incredibly quick to make (especially when you use ready-made puff pastry), they are delicious and, most importantly, they are beautifully pink.

Broad beans and asparagus salad

This asparagus and broad beans salad is extremely easy, takes very little time to prepare, but still is a truly satisfying Spring meal. It’s green, crispy and delicious. Makes a great quick lunch or a perfect addition to your picnic basket.