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American Road Trip: California & Nevada

Not having driving license never stopped me from organising road trips. I have recently driven from San Francisco to New York, as a passenger. I wouldn't want to brag, but I make a great passenger: I take care of the snacks, music and fun stops on the way.

Green curry and broccoli soup

I enjoy hearty dishes in the first cold days of winter, but comes January, I start craving something lighter. This is my perfect January soup: bit spicy, warming and fully comforting, but light and green at the same time.

Coffee break

The first Monday of the year definitely calls for strong coffee.

Mulled white wine

December is a perfect month to enjoy all kinds of hot, delicious, warming drinks. Mulled wine is a winter classic! Usually prepared with red wine, it tastes equally great with white chardonnay or riesling.