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Swedish summer can be very pleasant and sailing between skerries (small rocky islands) is a perfect plan for a holiday trip. You're bound to enjoy amazing views, simple Scandinavian style of design and life, a sauna in every marina and delicious Nordic food. My culinary highlights included gravlax (as well as other salmon varieties), traditional prawn sandwiches (räksmörgås), kanelbullar (cinnamon rolls) with black coffee and foraged goods: blueberries, lingonberries and blackberries.

Ombre tomato tart

This recipe doesn’t even deserve to be called a recipe - it’s more of an idea on how to make a quick and effective snack with summer heirloom tomatoes. The ombre tart is bound to get you some attention and compliments, so, in case you had no idea what to bring for the next potluck picnic/barbecue/garden party, I just solved this challenging problem. No need to thank me.

Moroccan road trip

It was a pleasure to discover that Marocco is so much more than narrow streets of ancient cities and endless dunes of the desert. What I loved most, was the in-between: sleepy villages in the Atlas Mountains, biblical landscapes, parking lots for donkeys, palm orchards and breathtaking mountain views. My plan is to come back for a few weeks and travel on a donkey!

Morocco - the desert

Deserts are fun! Moroccan Erg Chebbi turned out to be exactly how I have always imagined a desert: a lot of open space, a lot of sand and sky and some camels. The fear of getting lost, drinking all my water, wandering around for hours, taking a fata morgana for an oasis and eventually dying of thirst never left me.