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If asked whether I’d rather drink solely coffee or solely wine for the rest of my life, I’d have a hard time answering the question. To be totally honest, I usually hesitate for at least a few moments when deciding which one to drink at the moment. This is why brunch is my favourite meal.

Brunch goes great with a glass of sparkling wine as well as a cup of freshly brewed black coffee. Even better, if someone (me) settled for both, no one would even cast a surprised glance. Firstly, because it would be Saturday, and most people are far too relaxed to be judgmental on Saturdays and secondly, because there are no rules when it comes to brunch. If someone wants a light granola and a glass of freshly squeezed citrus juice - great, but devouring a copious portion of honey glazed ribs and chugging a large beer is not a faux pas either.

Why do I even mention this? Because Dine & Dash is all about brunch. Metaphorically, that is. It’s about nice things, like wine and coffee, dining with friends, weekend getaways, shrimp, restaurants with a view, asparagus, chocolate and al fresco breakfasts. There will be a collection of brunch recipes too and you can find them here.

Apart from brunch, coffee and wine, my other favourite things are: travels, pumpkins, sailing, oysters and picnics.


Oh, my name is Karolina. If you feel like chatting about brunch or have any questions, contact me at karolina@dine-dash.com.