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Pracownia Artystyczna Sarzyński

Yesterday, I was in paradise. Cake paradise, to be exact. The best news is that if you happen to be in Warsaw, you can go there too. Simply pay a visit to a pop-up cake store, opened by Iga Sarzyńska at Three Crosses Square. The chances are that this is the sweetest place in Poland - it was decorated with over 6000 pink meringues. It's open everyday, until 20th July. Iga is the founder and lead-designer at Pracownia Cukiernicza Sarzyński. She comes from a family of bakers and is the fourth generation to follow family traditions. Iga admits that she is a perfectionist and one look at hand decorated cakes, cupcakes and cookies is more than enough to confirm that statement. If you wish for your sweet dreams to come true, you won't find a better place. The effective layer of icing doesn't hide boring sponge with boring cream, but exciting combinations of flavours: toffee and red currant, Belgian chocolate with raspberries, almonds and white chocolate with a hint of refreshing mint. Not to mention the macaroon layer cake with hibiscus cream. I woudn't say no to one. Well, maybe two.

Three Crosses Square 10/14, Warsaw