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From the menu at Tel-Aviv Café in Warsaw: Breakfast from the morning till the evening. Why not? The question is rhetorical, but let’s give it a thought. What could possibly be a reasonable justification for denying a plate of scrambled eggs to a hungry man? Breakfast liberality suits Tel-Aviv’s relaxed atmosphere really well. One can come here with a dog, one can come here alone and one can order from breakfast menu at dinner time. No scrambled eggs though - Tel-Aviv’s menu is fully vegan. The dishes, based upon Israeli cuisine, are full of fresh vegetables and aromatic spices. Hearty soups, vegan sandwiches and seasonal salads for lunch, authentic hummus and other flavorful spreads to share over a bottle of Kosher wine. For breakfast? Soy shwarma served with hummus, harissa and pita bread (gluten-free option available), freshly squeezed citrus juice and Arabic coffee - brewed in pots with spices.

Tel-Aviv Café, ul. Poznańska 11, Warsaw