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Best Juicers For Limes

Limes are full of vibrant floral flavor and all the benefits of the citrus family. But, there is more than one way to juice a lime. Which juicer is for you? That depends on how you like to juice and maybe how many limes you will be juicing. Here are some of the best manual and electric juicers for limes.

Top 3 Electric Juicers for Limes

These 3 juicers all have a spinning reamer or juicing cone and vary in power and price. 

Eurolux Electric Juicer

Best Value for High Power

The Euroluz Citrus Juicer makes the list because of its high-powered motor with an affordable price tag. This juicer has the same power as some juicers that are four times the price. What’s the difference? The actual performance is basically the same, but the parts are not as sturdy should they be handled with care.

The Eurolux juicer is capable of the highest juice yield of any of these juicers. The distinct difference between this and the other juicers is the power and speed at which the reamer spins.



 Cuisinart CCJ-500 Pulp Control Citrus Juicer​

Best for Families

The Cuisinart Pulp Contol Citrus Juicer is a decent quality electric with the 25-watt power of most household citrus juicers. It looks good and is built for moderate household use. Let’s put it this way, you aren’t going to be opening up any juice shops with this thing, but some limes for margarita night or maybe oranges for Sunday brunch, no problem. 

Juicing limes on this Cuisinart won’t be as fast as the Eurolux. There is sometimes a bit of juice overspray with larger fruit and has a pulp control setting. This juicer is for someone that doesn’t need high-end power but is still looking for an affordable quality juicer.



Dash Citrus Juicer 

Best Bang for Your Buck and Small Spaces

The Dash juicer comes with two different sized juicing cones for both small and larger citrus fruit. The small cone is perfect for limes. The Dash juices right into a 32 oz pitcher that is ready for the fridge when you’re done juicing.

Dash makes a whole line of small kitchen appliances that are not just compact with fun color choices but have the power and performance of higher-priced appliances. This is a good pick, primarily for its excellent value. The Dash is also on the list of best lime juicers because it looks good and performs well for its compact size. 



Top 3 Manual Juicers for Limes

There is nothing like using your hands to make juice. Here are 3 of the best manual juicers. Featured are both hand squeezers and tabletop presses.

Chef'n FreshForce Lime Juicer

Best for Small Limes 

The Chef’n FreshForce Lime Juicer is a hand-held squeezer. The FreshForce has been engineered specifically for a higher juicer yield with less force.

The FreshForce Lime Juicer is the best juice for small fruit. It can even handle small key limes. This might be the smallest juicer out there and one of the only designed just for limes. 

The handheld device does get the maximum juice out, but this is not the tool for high volume. The Chef’n FreshForce Lime Juicer is an excellent choice for someone who has small limes or needs just one or a few.



Zulay Lime Squeezer

Best for the Chef

The Zulay Lime Squeezer is a hand citrus press like the FreshForce above, but it has a unique sizing feature that juices a broader range of fruit size. This feature doesn’t mean spare parts to store. The coated aluminum parts are hinged securely together. 

Like most of Zulays line of kitchen tools, it is available in lots of color choices and is known for function durability. It is perfect for regular kitchen use and is easy to clean.



Zulay Professional Citrus Juicer

Best for High Volume

The Zulay Citrus Press is a manual-powered mechanical citrus press made with 15 pounds of durable cast iron. It has a wide stainless steel cone for juicing and a lever with a rubber handle that gets pulled down to press the juice out. The Zulay juicer has commercial quality and power but is affordable and easy to use for the home.

The Zulay citrus press has an unheard-of lifetime warranty and is available in lots of different colors. This is the pick if you are looking for a well-built machine juice to work through many citruses and maybe even pomegranates. 



Can you juice other fruit in a lime juicer?

From limes to grapefruit, many citrus juicers can juice just about any sized citrus. Some citrus juicers, like Zuley press, handle almost any citrus and pomegranates. But watch out. There are also plenty of juicers that are too big to easily juice limes. So, if your primary need is juicing limes, be sure that the juicing cone is not too large. 

What to do with all of this lime juice?

If you are shopping for a lime juicer, there is a good chance you may find yourself with a large harvest of limes, and with the right juicer, you are about to ask, What do I do with all this juice? 


There are plenty of quality juicers for limes. If you are looking for an electric model, the speed and power of the Eurolux is a good investment. Perhaps you are looking for a manual; either of the Zulay juicers are quality choices.