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Coffee break

The first Monday of the year definitely calls for strong coffee.

Happy New Year - with lots of energy and lots of good coffee!

Break time

It might sound like laundry-detergent-commercial-poetry or pearls of wisdom from the wall of a chained cafe, but coffee really is always a good idea and a steaming mug of tea will help you calm down in almost any crisis. I actually think that time stops as soon as the first drop of hot liquid hits the bottom of a china cup.

It's really important to make time for a proper break.

Look Mum No Hands!

I'm a big fun of the whole cycle chic and I often picture about myself, speeding through the streets on a lovely bike, wind in my loose hair, feeling perfectly confident wearing a long skirt and high heels. In reality, I don't cycle that much, especially in London, as the left-hand traffic is rather confusing and I being hit by a double decker is not exactly my idea of a perfect death.

Luckily for me, Look Mum No Hands! is perfect for both bike lovers and people who are simply after a cup of good coffee. It's an all-in-one coffee shop, bar and bike repair shop. Coffee is indeed very good, the place is spacious, friendly and relaxed. I have no opinion whatsoever on the bike repair part.

Great place for breakfast - you can go for traditional full English breakfast or choose between eggs, porridge, muesli or delicious thyme-roasted mushrooms on sourdough toasts. They also have great lunch options and have a bar with beer and wine.

Look Mum No Hands!, 49 Old Street, London

Być Może

Perhaps you already have your favourite place for a cup of coffee and some freshly baked pastry in Warsaw. Perhaps you are still looking for one. Perhaps it will be a new French bistro-cafe called Być Może (meaning 'perhaps' in Polish), which popped up a few months ago in a historical townhouse on plac Unii Lubelskiej. The building is famous for having held the first MPIK, Klub Międzynarodowej Prasy i Książki (International Book and Press Club) - opened a few years after the World War II, providing Warsaw citizens with rare books and music, foreign language press and freshly brewed coffee. If you are, like ourselves, huge enthusiasts of bread, you have found the right place. You can enjoy freshly bake baguettes, all shapes and flavours of wheat bread, rye bread, nut bread, gluten-free bread, as well as hand-made croissants, tarts and all sorts of sweet treats. If you're trying to stay away from bread, you can go for the lunch offer - freshly prepared from local ingredients on a daily basis. If you still don't feel convinced, we have one last argument. Wine! Lots of wine. From Italy, France, Spain. Perhaps you're more convinced now?

ul. Bagatela 14, Warsaw

Czuła Buła

Czuła Buła, a friendly little coffeehouse, is situated in the heart of Old Mokotów in Warsaw. They serve breakfast, sandwiches, salads, refreshing lemonades and, obviously, freshly brewed coffee. It's a lovely place to start the day with a bowl of creamy millet porridge and a cup of cappuccino.

ul. Narbutta 16, Warsaw

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