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If you ever choose to visit Dartmoor, don't miss the Haytor walk. There are hills, moorlands and granite tors. It's beautiful and it's green! Make sure to have cream tea afterwards. It's a traditional afternoon treat comprised of a pot of hot tea, freshly baked scones, homemade jam and clotted cream - local specialty, thick, fat and buttery. The tradition derives from Devon and/or Cornwall and the two counties have contradictory opinions on whether one should top a scone with jam first and follow with clotted cream (Cornwall) or start with cream and put jam second (Devon). Feel free to try both options. I personally think that it actually depends on the thickness of jam.


There's nothing better than a little house in the middle of nowhere and a morning coffee in a beautiful scenery. Dartmoor is a national park in Devon, famous for moorlands, granite tors and wildlife. If you like wild ponies and cream teas, you definitely should pay a visit!

Polish countryside

We all love exotic places, where sun seems to be more generous and where it's just easier to breathe (unless it's over 50 degrees in the shade). But you don't always need paradisiac beaches and ancient ruins to have a relaxing time. Here we present to you: the Polish countryside. Charming cottages between woods and meadows, where people watch the nature and no one uses Google calendar. We had a chance to visit friends in Roztocze. They grow their own vegetables, they have an orchard and they keep bees - it's like a private supermarket. We picked strawberries (and the sweetest wild strawberries) and green peas, now we're waiting for raspberries and for those delicious honeycombs.