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Cycling in Amsterdam

Of course it’s not me cycling, it’s other people. I took pictures.

Yes, I can ride a bike, thank you for asking. Am I the best cyclist in the world? Probably not. I have never fully learnt to tell left from right, which is why I don’t feel comfortable in certain situations. This includes any circumstances in which my confusion can result in being hit by a speeding tram. I don’t have a driving licence either (I make a great passenger though, I’m always in charge of snacks and drinks, not so helpful when it comes to navigating, for obvious reasons).

A few years back, I wasn’t even able to take my right hand off the steering wheel and was therefore forced to use the left hand to indicate all my turns. I figured it was better if others thought I was going to turn left even if I was actually going to turn right than to give no signal at all, but feel free to question my logic. Luckily for us all, I am now capable of taking both hands off the steering wheel (but NOT at the same time).

In spite of the success story I just told you, I still don’t feel particularly confident on a bicycle, especially when I am not the only road user in the city. People on the pictures, on the other hand, all look young, strong, happy and bike literate. And this is how I’m going to be when I grow up.