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Douro Valley

Douro Valley is at its best off season - I went there last October and would definitely recommend this place for a fall trip. Get ready for postcard-pretty vineyards (famous for they ports, but pretty skilful when it comes to other wines as well), delicious food and picturesque views. Stay in one of the charming vineyards and spend your days on walks in the vines, scenic drives along the river and picnics on the hills.

Moroccan road trip

It was a pleasure to discover that Marocco is so much more than narrow streets of ancient cities and endless dunes of the desert. What I loved most, was the in-between: sleepy villages in the Atlas Mountains, biblical landscapes, parking lots for donkeys, palm orchards and breathtaking mountain views. My plan is to come back for a few weeks and travel on a donkey!

American Road Trip: State of New York

State of New York: lots of trees, a pumpkin patch, perfect American suburbs and the Niagara Falls.

American Road Trip: Utah & Colorado

American road trip continues: Utah, Monument Valley, Colorado, tacos, hot dogs and road dogs.

American Road Trip: Arizona

Arizona: green fields, praire, sideways, The Grand Canyon and general wilderness.

My very favourite state!

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