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American Road Trip: State of New York

State of New York: lots of trees, a pumpkin patch, perfect American suburbs and the Niagara Falls.

American Road Trip: Utah & Colorado

American road trip continues: Utah, Monument Valley, Colorado, tacos, hot dogs and road dogs.

American Road Trip: Arizona

Arizona: green fields, praire, sideways, The Grand Canyon and general wilderness.

My very favourite state!

American Road Trip: California & Nevada

Not having driving license never stopped me from organising road trips. I have recently driven from San Francisco to New York, as a passenger. I wouldn't want to brag, but I make a great passenger: I take care of the snacks, music and fun stops on the way.

One of my favourite parts of road trips is being able to see the changing landscape. This and the fact that you can stop whenever you see something you like. Today I have pictures from the first part of the West Coast-East Coast road trip: Califorina and Nevada.

Oh, by 'recently' I mean September 2014. Well, not having patience for organising holiday pictures never stopped me from publishing them.